Street Smart About Money 

The mortgage crisis - why did it happen? How did it happen? Who is responsible? How can you avoid ever falling into that trap? What is an ARM? What is a fixed rate mortgage? A ballon payment? You better be street smart about money!

Credit card trouble - how do so many people get in so much trouble? What do the offers on a credit card mean? Are they simple or compound interest? What is the periodic, nominal and annual percentage rate? How do you know? You better get Street smart!

Should you lease or buy your car? What are the pros and cons of each? Do you know? You better get street smart !

Living within your means. Paying your taxes. Saving for retirement. Participating in a 401k plan, what does that mean exactly?How do you know what to do? You better get street smart!

Valuing an investment. What is the net present value or the internal rate of return? What does that mean? You better get street smart!

What is more valuable? A dollar today or one in the future? You better get street smart!

What are stocks? What are bonds? What is equity? What is debt? You better get street smart !

Streetsmart Money Talk -  How to Understand Money in the REAL WORLD - 

Wished you knew more about money?
Wished you could talk about stocks in a more knowledgeable manner?
Wished you knew the difference between stocks and bonds?
Been embarrased by the fact that you do not really understand compound interest?
Feel stupid talking to a real estate or insurance agent because you don't really know what they are talking about?
Had your lunch eaten by a car salesman?
Wished you knew how to save for the future?
How to save thousands and thousands over the next few years?

Learn all the basics of money and investing...written by a 20 year expert veteran of business with a Executive MBA...and  put into  PLAIN LANGUAGE with a PATH for you to follow.