About Us:
Street-Smarts* For Success  specializes in taking complex subjects and making them simple -- by teaching the MAIN THINGS you need to know in a way you can understand.

We save you time and money by showing you TIPS and INSIGHTS that take most people YEARS to learn. 

We provide businesses and individuals with:

Learning Tools (CDs and ebooklets)
Weekend presentations to churches, scout groups, businesses, etc)
Motivation and education sessions
Keynote speeches
Coaching sessions
Speeches for events
The goal is to provide you with the path and the tools you need to become successful in today's society. Some of these include:

The Importance of Having a Vision, Mission and Goals
How to Make a Difference Every Day
Understanding the "27000" Rule
Understanding the "Other 90%" potential
Street-Smart Public Speaking "How to be a Good Speaker"

Street-Smart Money Talk - How to Understand Money in the REAL WORLD

Street-Smart Selling and Closing Skills...How to Be a Better Salesperson
Street-Smart Communication Skills...How to get Ahead by Communicating More Effectively

My goal is not to make you an "expert" in these fields but rather to make you "street-smart" so you may be more successful in both your personal and business life.
 Many of these skills are NOT TAUGHT in high schools or colleges and students enter the real world oblivious to the "street-smarts" one must have to succeed. You will walk away from these a different person and much more in tune with the ways our society works.


"Steve's leadership in implementing a major computer project was monumental in scope -- his superior communication skills were the key " L. Phillips, Richmond, Va.

Steve has a real gift for taking otherwise complicated subjects and boiling them down to the irreducible minimum -- and explaining it to where the average person can understand it clearly." Richmond, Va.

"Steve has a knack for making these subjects interesting and exciting -- he renewed my search for knowledge"Heather Smith, Maryland

"Steve Patterson's ability to speak publicly is quite simply a gift -- one that most people do not have"Morrell Springs, Florence, South Carolina

"Steve hungers for information -- and it is this drive that makes his seminars so inspiring" Tom Mason, Indiana

"Steve taught me the basics of economics -- and as a result I am now increasing my business and profit -- more importantly, his energy and excitement is contagious in a major way"Mo Agul, Indianapolis

"I do not have the time to go back to school for two years to earn an MBA -- but Steve gives you the basics in a clear and understanding way-in much less time"Dan Johnson, Richmond, Va.

"Steve Patterson is a great basketball coach -- he really inspired my daughter to be the best she can be" -- comment from basketball evaluation, Midlothian, Virginia

"I look forward to Steve visiting my business -- he always has a world of knowledge and insight and is more than willing to share it all"Kelly Smith, Georgia

'Steve explained the basics of diet and nutrition in a manner in which I could understand and apply -- and it has made all the difference"Barbara Slade, Midlothian, Va.

"Working to Achieve Success for YOU - In Business and in Life"