How to be Street Smart in Today's World

YOU were born to SUCCEED, but you must first BELIEVE it, and then TAKE ACTION to make things happen in the smartest, easiest way possible. This is what gave birth to my whole "Street Smart" idea. (I also refer to these skills as "Life Smarts" because they will help you in ALL ASPECTS of your life)

You see, to be successful at anything, whether it is in business, non-profits, or life in general - you don't have to know everything - but you MUST KNOW the MAIN THINGS that can drive success in your business or in your life.

The same holds true for interpersonal skills, the ability to communicate effectively, and the unique ability to speak in front of a crowd, get them on your side, and spur them to take action.

I've spent most of my life in various aspects of communication...speaking over 2000 times to various groups and I KNOW the MAIN THINGS you need to KNOW and DO to be extremely successful as a communicator.

And that is exactly what I've put in my presentations and my materials, and make it so EASY TO UNDERSTAND.

I've spent YEARS studying and perfecting how to be a great communicator, and have developed a formula for succes that WORKS. I share this formula in various ways:

1. As a speaker at your event
2. Through products that I've developed.
3. Through personal coaching sessions.

I KNOW FOR A FACT that you will be a MUCH BETTER communicator, MUCH QUICKER, by learning my "street smart formula" for communication and public speaking skills. This also includes key principles for sales, as we are all salespeople in some manner or the other. We are all always selling ideas, products, services, or ourselves.


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"I'm 56 years old and the fear of public speaking has always held me back - I wish I had Steve's help in this area YEARS ago." CEO from insurance firm in Virginia

"Steve your "10 steps to  success" formula is awesome - where did you come up with it? I wish I knew it YEARS ago" - participant at American Marketing Conference

"Steve is by far the best communicator in our company" -  Comment from President and CEO

"Steve, where did you come up with the "Street Smart Success Formula? It makes so much sense once you explain it! I should have known this LONG ago!" Conference attendee from the American Marketing Association. 

"Steve has a gift for public speaking, that quite frankly few people have." Student from South Carolina

"Steve, thank you for reducing your message to the main things for those of us on Capitol Hill to is extremely rare that people know how to do that"....Senator on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

"Steve I wish I would have had all this years ago" Conference attendee from Florida

"Steve, your thinking is WAY AHEAD of most people's - you need to share this message!" Friend from Virginia

"Thank you for giving us the "Street Smarts" to be great communicators and business owners." I am MUCH BETTER than I was before - just by using the tools you gave us! Student from Raleigh, NC

"Steve is voted by far the best guest lecturer we have had in my class here at NC State University" Professor at NC State


Don't believe that you have to know everything, or have a certain title, a certain job, to be great. You can start NOW and great things will happen in your life as you become a much better communicator, both person to person and in front of a group of people. You are much more likely to get promotions, to get the best job offers, and to make more money, because at the end of the day, the ability to speak well in front of a crowd can immediately seperate you from the THOUSANDS of people who are scared to death to do it!


It's all in the DVD. For only $10!

Here are just a few things you will learn in my formula:

1. The best way to create rapport with people
2. The number one rule of human behavior and how to use it to your advantage.
3. The number one enemy when giving a presentation...and it's NOT fear!
4. The number one "secret weapon" to use in becoming a great speaker and presenter.
5. Why great communicators tend to make the  most money and get the best jobs.
6. The secret to moving in a presentation... when and how to do it.
7. Secrets to gaining confidence before giving a well as in your everyday life.
8. The secret and understanding to "owning the room" when giving a presentation.
9. How to influence and persuade others by understanding the value equation COLD (something most people don't understand!)
10. The secret to using the microphone or not when giving a presentation.
11. Why you will be WAY AHEAD of most people by understanding these concepts.
12. The key to understanding what the best presentation you ever give is

I've spent YEARS studying why some people and organizations are so successful, and why others fail. And, after spending many years in marketing and helping others grow their businesses, it became very clear to me that, in order to achieve success, there is a FORMULA TO FOLLOW, regardless of how you define success.

So...if you need a speaker who is a seasoned business professional? One that can connect with your audience and leave them with a toolbox full of real world tools to use to perform at higher levels?.


My presentation on "The Street Smart Formula for Success" is a presentation that your audience won't easily forget. It is packed with stories, lessons learned, and plenty of tools to help people and organizations perform at high levels. Your audience will laugh, learn, and maybe even cry a little as I go through many of my life's experiences on a personal and business level, and will inspire them to return to their daily jobs with a hunger to perform at higher levels.

You see, what I've discovered over the years is a formula for success that works...regardless of how you define success. And that formula revolves around the word ALIGNMENT - aligning your daily activities with your goals, strategies, tactics, and resources. This is what prompted me to write my book "Steve Patterson's Street Smarts for Success - A Step by Step Guide" and create my DVD series.

What is really fascinating is the fact that once I outline the success formula, people are amazed with how quickly they can realize results! It doesn't matter if it is at a personal level or at a business level, the Street Smart Success formula is the same.

I've created a number of products to help spread the street smart message, but none is better than the live presentation for your next meeting or event. You will be glad to see your students, members of your organization, or employees of your business be motivated and inspired to TAKE ACTION and go MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

As a Vice President of Marketing at a large east coast firm, a published author and Member of the National Speaker's Association - Virginia Chapter, I've given hundreds and hundreds of speeches over the years. I've also created a few "how to" tools (such as the DVD and book to the left)  to help people improve their communication skills, both one-on-one as well as to a group - how to be a great public speaker.

I am based in Richmond, Va. Please contact me if you want a speaker that can make a difference in the lives of your audience, and send them away with a formula to success that works, and a toolbox full of tools to make their lives and organizations better.

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How to be Street Smart in Today's World

Introducing the Street Smart term of the week!

by steve patterson on 12/14/13

Greetings to all and Merry Christmas!
Regardless of how you celebrate the holiday season, I hope you have a happy one and are getting ready for a great new year in 2014!

I will be starting a new thread called the "streetsmart term of the week" - which  is intended to help you become more "life smart" in a number of ways as you develop yourself over time. Remember, we are all a "work in progress" regardless of our age and we can always learn more!

What is Your Brand Positioning?

by steve patterson on 09/28/13

This is one of the hardest things there is to do when marketing your business. The ability to communicate who you are and what you do in simple, easy terms. Be at the Richmond Convention Center October 5th to hear me explain exactly how to get it right!

Why Street Smarts Can Beat Booksmarts

by steve patterson on 05/29/13

Streetsmart people understand how to take academic learning and apply it immediately in the real world. If they can't, they disregard it as unnecessary clutter. For example, I know a person who took a finance class and the next day came back to his company and started using the principles he learned...he also used it in his daily life dealing with auto dealers, real estate agents, etc. In other words he knew how to take the academic information and boil it down to real world very quickly and easily. This is the key to being streetsmart...don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Stay streetsmart my friends

The Power of Public Speaking, Persuasion and Influence

by steve patterson on 05/16/13

There are a lot of things that matter in business and in life...and one of the most important skills on the planet is the ability to speak well and convey an important message.To take it another step further, when one can speak and articulate an inspiring message that moves people to take action, people will flock to hear you. And to take it even one more step higher, the ability to raise people to a higher level and get them to think about the really important things before "working on all the small stuff" will completely set you apart from everyone else. It's not easy to do - but you can learn to do it. These are the things that move people to a higher level in both their personal and business lives...and these are the people that are generally tagged as leaders in organizations. Don't think you can't do can. All you need to know is how. That's why I created my tools, my book, my DVD. I call them "street smarts" because I boil everything down to the MAIN THINGS. 

Stay tuned!

Street Smart Quiz Question for Public Speaking

by steve patterson on 02/17/13

One thing to always remember when giving a speech is the "Rule of 3." This  rule simply states that most audiences you speak to aren't going to remember much of what you say. However they WILL remember how you made them FEEL. If you remember to keep your speech to 3 MAIN POINTS, you have a much better chance of getting your message across and inspiring your audience. And always make the third point one that touches them emotionally...this is the real secret to great speeches.  

Do You Need Help with Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills?

by steve patterson on 01/17/13

Start with the must know them COLD! Start with my Street Smarts for Success to be a great at public speaking and giving presentations. Available on

Street Smart Quiz Question

by steve patterson on 01/06/13

The street smart person knows the "economizing problem" cold. And by understanding what it is, they make better choices. The first person to answer define the economizing problem on this blog or in an e-mail to me wins a free book!

HINT: If you don't know what it is, look it up. You MUST KNOW this to become street smart!

Why Becoming Street Smart Will Increase Your Success in 2013

by steve patterson on 01/06/13

I define Street Smarts as "the shrewd ability to thrive in an hostile environment." 

We all know you can't learn everything in learn a lot from everyday life experiences. And life can be tough! So, taking the lessons learned from life and combining that with shrewd thinking practices can lead to more success for you. 
I have over 75 tools in my "Street Smarts for Success" Guidebook...start your new year right by ordering a copy today!

Street Smart Quiz Question

by steve patterson on 12/31/12

Part of being "street smart" means being a good critical thinker...a person who can quickly size up a situation, look forward and reason backwards, and pick the right approach to handling a situation. What we're talking about is being a good strategist. The first step to being a good strategist  is to understand that there are FOUR RULES OF STRATEGY.

1. Look forward and reason back
2. If you have a dominant strategy, use it.
3. Eliminate dominated strategies from consideration.
4. Find an equilibrium strategy if no dominant strategy exist. 

More to come!

Street Smart Quiz Question

by steve patterson on 12/31/12

What's the difference between simple and compound interest? You must know this in order to be street smart!

My formula for success is easy to follow and, more importantly WORKS! 
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Communication and Interpersonal skills are CRITICAL to your success, regardless of what you choose to do in life. There is an old saying "People won't go along with you if they can't get along with you." And one of the most important ways for people to go along with you is by becoming a great communicator - both person to person  in front of a crowd - thats right, the dreaded "public speaking" event that so many people fear! FEAR NO MORE. YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS BEGINS HERE
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